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Microsoft Mind Battle

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

I have waited for the Microsoft flight simulator since my birthday. I researched for hours on what would create the best flight simulation experience so that I could continue learning to fly well. The best (at that time) was to purchase an Xbox. So my parents got me an Xbox because Microsoft said they were coming out on Xbox. So I waited and waited and waited and waited…then they said they were only coming out on PC and not on X-box until next year(by this time it's already out). I was upset that they didn’t keep their “promise”. Totally not fair.

Absolutely a learning experience, but not one that I needed. The investment my parents put into it was useless, so now they have to buy a gaming computer, a flight simulator yoke, rudder pedals, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (Premium Deluxe Version), and maybe a curved monitor, which in the end costs is going to be around $3000 CAD. Which is a lot of money, I’ve looked up and done many things to try to make some money and none of them worked. And…gardening isn’t going to cut it. The pay is pretty small. I made a blog. I even contacted Microsoft Flight Simulator themselves. Yet nothing worked and Microsoft hasn’t responded to me yet. I asked them about giving me flight simulation hardware and in return, I would promote and tell people about them on my blog and even start a YouTube Channel. I’m hoping that somebody can help me achieve my dream of becoming a pilot and this will be the one that works.

If you want to help me achieve my dreams, please consider funding a small part of my journey by using the PayPal button in the about me section. It’s not for me to play games, it’s for me to better my piloting skills, and grow The Flying K

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