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Microsoft Flight Simulator hits 10 MILLION Pilots!

On December 7th, 2022, shortly after Microsoft Flight Simulator's 40th anniversary, Asobo Studios and Microsoft Flight Simulator announced they hit their 10 million player milestone. The team shared their gratitude for this monumental moment in the flight simulator's history., giving a big thanks to the flight simulator's community and ongoing support.


Microsoft Flight Simulator User: ukaka5656 (Twitter)

The team also shared some impressive statistics such as 500 million flights so far on MSFS and over 40 billion miles flown. Equal to 10 million trips around the Earth, or 200 trips to the sun and back!


Microsoft Flight Simulator User: EPPRglider81

The next Flight SImulator update is set to release in January 2023, named "Aircrafts & Avionics," which will most likely continue on through the year. The MSFS team says they have, "exciting plans for 2023 and beyond," hopefully ensuring a new year of great updates and add-ons.


Microsoft Flight Simulator Official Page

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