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How to Successfully Land a Plane (smoothly): Valuable words from a flight instructor.

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

A couple of days ago I went up for a flight but the ceiling was low so we did touch and go's and landings.

That was the day I did my first "kiss" landing a kiss landing is a soft landing where the wheels "kiss" the asphalt so it feels smooth. My flight instructor was very happy for me. And I have to admit, it felt good! Obviously, it doesn't mean all of my landings are the best, my last landing was harder than usual. The way my flight instructor taught me is like this when you turn for final line yourself up with the centerline, then when you think you going to plummet nose landing gear first into the ground, pull up so you are level and straight. Then when you are above the runway number, power slowly to idle, and let the plane drop slowly and flare, and the plane should slowly sink to the ground.

It probably won't be perfect. Especially if you read the confusing paragraph above about landings, but I'd listen to your flight instructor for the best advice.

So, that Sunday was the first day I made a smooth "kiss" landing, and now I can safely land a plane!

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A "good" landing is one from which you can walk away from. A "great" landing is one after which you can use the plane again!
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