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Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Amazon. You already know who they are. The BIGGEST Ecommerce business in the world. But… how do they relate to the world of aviation? Amazon has bought over many companies, pharmaceutical companies, small businesses selling goods, and many more. Now here’s where Amazon comes in…

Amazon bought 11 used Boeing 767 from WestJet, and Delta. Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, even bigger companies like Delta and WestJet had to downsize, or take out older, less fuel efficient planes. Here’s the thing, Amazon never owned planes before, they always rented or leases their Amazon Air planes. They planes they bought in late December will not join their fleet of 85, which are almost all 767 wide body jets, until 2022.

Will Amazon take over the aviation industry? I don’t know. But what I do know is that amazon has tapped into many companies and once they get into commercial travel, smaller airline companies will get run out of business, due to Amazon’s future lower cost of flying.

What do you think about Amazon tapping in to the aviation industry?

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