How To Fly For The First Time - Discovery Flight

Did you know that you can discover how to fly? There are many small hobby airports that offer discover flights. They are often very economical, usually under $100, and offer you a chance to see if you like being up in the air in small aircraft.

This is nothing like flying in a commercial aircraft on a vacation somewhere. These discovery flight air crafts are often small 2-4 seater planes that look industrial inside. Don't think private jet! A Discovery Flight is fun and lets you know if you'd like to consider more flying lessons.

After my discovery flight, I signed up immediately. I haven't looked back since. Now I am passionate about flying and this is another thing I am doing -- being to write about what it's like to be in high school, learning to fly.

It's also very expensive... so if you would like to support me, buy some of our awesome merch, and keep reading and watching our videos. Thanks for reading the Flying K blog! If you want to know more details about Discovery Flights, check out out your local airport flight schools.

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