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Canadian F-35s Signed By Canadian Government BREAKING NEWS

The Canadian Government just signed a contract to buy 88 F-35 aircraft, which will be delivered by 2026.

Canadian Defense Minister, Anita Anand stated

"The F-35 is a modern, reliable and agile fighter aircraft used by our closest allies in missions across the globe,"

The delivery will come in stages and the first stage of four aircraft will cost 85 million USD each. The total cost of the project is approximately 19 billion dollars. The Federal Government said the aircraft project will add 425 million dollars annually to Canada's GDP.

The contract was big news and a sudden turnaround from the Liberal Government, who were initially going to buy a cheaper plane as of late 2022.

The budget of 19 billion is also being used to build and set up equipment needed to support the aircraft. Including two new military bases or "Fighter Squadron Facilities." These facilities are going to be constructed in Bagotville and Cold Lake.

The Government of Canada and Public Service and Procurement say that this project is essential for protecting Canadians, enhancing Arctic security, and enables Canada to meet it's NORAD and NATO obligations into the far future.

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